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"Melissa was an awesome speaker at our corporate kickoff event. She was well prepared, professional and spoke with great enthusiasm. This is a program not just for management or a select group of people, it was fun and insightful for every single employee. Thanks again!"
Simon Nynens, Chairman & CEO, Wayside Technology (WSTG)

"Was wowed by your presentation at HRVision in Amsterdam, Melissa - so inspiring! Can't wait to start the 45 Day Challenge!"
Teresa Collis

"Some keynote speakers are entertaining, a few are enlightening, and others are educational. Dr Luke combined all three and made our event look great!"
Nick Tyrrell, Osney Media, HR Vision Amsterdam 2014

“Dr. Luke instantly connected with the audience and continued to build that connection throughout her presentation. At one point she asked the attendees to rate their job satisfaction on a scale of 1 - 10, write it down and turn it in. I had a member comment to me later that it made her think about it in a way that she had not done before. Dr. Luke did a great job putting an amazing amount of information into a 30-minute presentation. In her lunch talk she gave some very concrete methods to get more enjoyment out of what you do, from visualization to tangible steps. Her expanded presentation took those concepts and drilled down, giving references as to the research that went into her conclusions.”
John Godwin, Executive Director, American Advertising Federation- Great Falls

"Dr. Luke's Keynote on specialized niche markets for our annual Tax Lien Conference was nothing short of excellent! Entertaining and extremely humorous. We look forward to having her back next year.
Thomas McOsker, President & Co founder at Blox Trade New York

"Your presentation was not only interesting,it was thought-provoking as well. Our students were extremely happy. Bethel Student: Your speech made my entire MBA program worth every cent. It was a grand pleasure to have you as the speaker on my day of graduation.
Lisa G Mulligan, Associate Director of Academic Affairs, Graduate Studies, Bethel University

"Melissa Luke is personable and related well to our group. She has an energy about her that can bring out the best in people. With her program I can see organizations changing for the better.
Ernie Elton, President of WAMOA

"Thanks for such a wonderful show yesterday and the feedback is very awesome. It was such a great honor having you on my show and the wealth of information was unbelievable."
Oscar Bimpong-Host, Fire Live Radio, London, United Kingdom

"Dr Luke's presentation exceeded our expectations. She was great! I had  so many comments and emails after her presentation.  Everyone thought the presentation was informative, motivating and Melissa was hilarious! People wish we would have booked more time for Q&A because they wanted more!!!"
Katy Uhl, Vice President Human Resources, Public Service Credit Union 

"Melissa’s energy level was great in keeping people very interested! If you are searching for someone energetic and upbeat-this is your speaker.
New Mexico Farm Credit Bank

"Our primary requirement was hiring a speaker that would not bore our top trainers. Melissa hit this out of the ballpark!
Pioneer Natural Resources, JJ Leach

"Dr. Luke dove deep into the core of what would make our employees happy in one day. We implemented and saw change immediately.
Society of Petroleum Engineers, Beth Sessa

"Melissa did a fantastic job educating our management and trainers on new and exciting techniques in a heavily regulated industry.
Actavis US Pharmaceuticals, Jason Ellis

"We really enjoyed Melissa’s bright perspective on how to hold people accountable for their own success in an organization
Nebraska Association of Transportation, Georgia Janssen

"Dr. Luke had our attendees implementing creative strategies on the first day regarding customer service, not only internally but also externally.  We were extremely happy!
Enerbank USA, Jenny Samon, Organizer

"Fantastic job connecting with our management and staff on communication skills!
Fire Rock Navajo Casino, Sherry Bobroff

"What a refreshing, fun, educational day!
Williamson County Purchasing Department, Connie Singleton

"Melissa has a talent for working with very traditional people and providing great value in customer service education
Navaho Tribal Utility Company, Vircynthia Charley

"A great day of facilitation! Everyone was engaged.
United States Army

"Our organization completely enjoyed Melissa’s facilitation and implemented change before she left… even with colored markers!
BSW Inc, Mary Jo Mahoney

"Refreshing new material and excellent information."
-Melvin J., Chevron Phillips Chem. Co., LP

"Our attendees were mesmerized with Dr. Luke’s forward thinking and approach."
-Leadership in Forward Thinking, Innovation Summit

"One of the best speakers we have had in a decade!"
-U.S. Department of Agriculture

"I believe you to be the best motivational speaker I've had the pleasure of meeting. The seminar with the Utah State Library was one I will not soon forget. Thank you for all the encouragement and motivation you gave me as a participant in your seminar. I'm hoping you will be speaking at our conference next year. I can't wait."
-Utah State Library 

"Melissa did a fantastic job, very enthusiastic. Thank you for the opportunity; it was a privilege having her here. We look forward to the 2nd seminar in May"
-Charles Lefler, General Manager, Pak-Rite

"You have inspired our people to look within themselves for change and to be happy"
-Vail Valley Jet Center

"The presenter was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very skilled public speaker.  Her experience was very enjoyable. I enjoyed the entire presentation. Melissa was very knowledgeable and kept everyone engaged in the presentation.I learned how to adjust my personality to have a better working relationship with those I supervise and work with. Learning how to adjust my personality to have a better working relationship with those I supervise and work with. This was one of the greatest seminars I have been to, the information was excellent and can be used in all aspects of life.
-Rapid City Team Building Conference

"I just wanted to say thank you for speaking to our employees.  It seems yesterday’s session was the most emotional of the 3 sessions for our company.  Word spread like wild-fire in the office about everything that was said.  I think it was good that employees were able to voice their opinion, AND that those who have the power to do something about it are interested and willing to listen and attempt to address the issues. Definitely a good thing! Thank you for your inspiring and motivational ideas and discussions."
-Holly Powell, CPA Corporate Controller, Ortho Synetics

"You are truly awesome. I was so encouraged and re-energized after the seminar."
Karen Jennifer Wolf, Program Manager, Heritage College

"Great lecture!!! Truly a blessing!! Many profound, enlightening new approaches to change our lives for the better!! Thanks for the INCREDIBLE and ILLUMINATING talk! You are definitely part of my Yomo! When I met you last Friday, I noticed something about you that I want to "steal"- you show an unconditional respect for your students. Noone has to know what may truly be going on inside, but you spoke to me and the other students who were there with the same respect. For some reason that really stood out."
-Dave Hanock, Student

"I loved listening to your speech last night- and I am so excited about what you are doing! I believe in what you're teaching. It took a long time for me to fall asleep last night because I can't wait to implement this new biology, and actually- I didn't realize it but by doing the exercises required in your assignments I have already started thinking differently. You are so different from any teacher/professor I have ever known- I would not be writing this email otherwise:) Thank you for inspiring me and reminding me of my desires!! I'm looking forward to the 45 day challenge!
- Mindy Hubbard, student

Dr. Luke, Your seminar really had an impact on me.  Please take this as a compliment:  You make crazy look good.   Your energetic approach was fresh and invigorating You’re passion really came through in every topic you discussed.  I left your seminar ready to have fun again and to not take failures (or more realistically, the fear of failure) so personally.  I left hungry for more!
Byan Lynch-University student

Dr. Luke’s lecture was life changing and one of the best I have ever seen! The older I get the more I understand that some things just happen for a reason. I was meant to see this lecture, almost as if it were written for me.  I can’t stop thinking about thinking, and I absolutely love it!! You have actually changed my life, and suddenly I am not as worried about where my college degree will "take" me as I am about what it is I want from my life!
Katelin Phillips-University student

Melissa, you were EXTREMELY motivating and I really strive to be a strong, powerful business women so it's nice to actually see it! Your presentation really astonished me about how powerful just changing your way of thinking can be. With graduation right around the corner, it’s a wake up call for me to choose a direction that I’m going to be passionately in love with. I believe this presentation really gave me the tools necessary to get on the path in that direction. Thanks again!
Brittany Goodell-University Student

Thank you so much for all of the insight today.  I really enjoyed your speech. There were points in there that I will definitely remember and use for the rest of my life!
Christopher Potter-University Student

Dr. Luke, I usually fall asleep when someone is giving a speech, unless it is about food. Yesterday was an exception to my norm. Dr. Luke gave so much insight into real life things that everyone actually needs no know about. I was thoroughly impressed with this presentation and so happy that I attended. Dr. Luke was a great speaker. She obviously has so much insight into how people work and what makes you successful, and it is great to know that someone is passionate about teaching this.
Emily Irvin-University Student

I had the opportunity to attend Dr. Melissa Luke’s motivational presentation "Find a Career that Rocks."  It was the first time that I have listened to a motivational speaker in person.  I found that Dr. Luke has an extreme passion for her profession and that she really enjoys presenting her views to the students. Dr. Luke’s motivational presentation was not what I expected.  She is an extremely good speaker and I was impressed with the information that was given to us on what it will take to reach our dreams, meet our goals, and find that elusive perfect career.
Brian Utt-University student

Dr. Luke, I got so much out of yesterday and learned so much to apply in my life.  You love what you do and it certainly shows.  I aspire to find something I enjoy just as much as you do. Thanks again,
Julie Schott

Dr. Luke,
It was a pleasure meeting you!  Going on 40 years old, finding a "Career that Rocks" is so much more than just money. You really made me think that opportunities in life can still be achieved at any age when you think larger to gain a scope of happiness.  Thanks for a great insight into our futures.
John S-University Student

I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Melissa Luke’s lecture, "Finding a Career that Rocks." She is a great motivational speaker with real life examples of personal success and failure. Thanks so much!!!
Jami Dye-University student

Thanks for coming - your lecture was inspiring and if you ever get to record it in its entirety I would enjoy hearing the "long" version!  :)  I wish more of my fraternity had been able to make it, but I know the ones who came enjoyed it!
Marty Kennedy-University Student

Dr. Luke: I just love that I chose to go to your seminar. I think that it is going to help me be happy and successful in the future. Thank you very much!
Kody Courterr-University Student

I loved your presentation; I just wish we had had longer than one hour. I did find your speech full of useful information for now as well as the future. Your ideas and teaching style allow others to idealize what they want, and then you demonstrate how to achieve it. 
Ryan McDonald-University Student

The lecture you gave on Friday was great! I’ll use your YOMO exercise continuously to help myself measure where I am in life.  I feel it can be used in other areas of my life other than career and school.  It’s a great exercise that will help me stay on track no matter what parts of life I’m using it in.  So I hope that with all I’ve learned I can find that happy medium between success in a career and enjoying my life.  Your lecture was amazing and truly inspiring! 
Kelly Miller-University Student

Dr Luke, You are, in my opinion, the very fiber of what I would like to see in management.  I certainly believe that the YOMO idea is as original as it is brilliant. I am not saying that it has not been done but it is quite possibly the first exposure for many of us to that kind of thinking.  Another very positive attribute of your performance was your public speaking ability. I think you commanded the attention of everyone in the room. You were not boring. You spoke with great enthusiasm and were motivated about your topic. This is a key to capturing an audience and you have mastered that. I love how you incorporated humor in your seminar. I hate to watch someone drone on in the monotone and make me want to shoot myself in the face rather than sit through the boring ordeal. I speak from experience as I am in the military and have had the opportunity to enjoy bad public speaking many times over. I enjoyed you presentation and I think you are an amazing woman. Good luck with your future and it certainly looks bright.
Brian Hobbs-University student

As a former Psychology major and graduate from BSU in 2000, I really enjoyed the discussion about the creation of neural networks.  Using this technique as a way to pursue goals for anything really is a pretty exciting application. 
Jared Baldwin- University student

You really opened my eyes to what a college educational experience can be and everyone needs to know this. 
Bryan Lynch-University student

Luke 4:29 And thou shalt not spend thy time in
pursuit of that which doth not fulfill thy soul;

The above verse does not come from the Bible, but instead comes from a lecture by Dr. Melissa Luke presented on 29 April of 2011. I think that the concept of the "Yomo" is excellent! 
Austin Hoy-University student

Professor Luke gave a lot of valuable information that can be used throughout life. Dr. Luke’s story of losing tons of money in an entrepreneurial attempt was a story that made me realize that everyone who takes risks is going to fail at times, but that should not prevent people from trying. A real view of one’s character can be seen in regards to how they respond to failure and adversity. Dr. Luke did an excellent job of conveying how the risks she has taken in her career have defined her as a person and made her successful. Dr. Luke’s lecture was an encouraging one to hear as a student about to enter the job force.
Matt Helton-University student

My experience with the Yomo so far has been pretty good; I got home I drew my Yomo on a piece of paper and put it on my fridge. The next day I had to take my health and disability insurance tests for the State of Idaho and was very stressed out about the tests. The night before the test I wrote on the paper with my Yomo the grades I wanted to get on both tests. Needless to say I passed both tests. I mean don’t get me wrong I know the Yomo I drew isn’t some mysterious magical drawing that will allow you to do anything without even having to work at it, to me it just represents a goal I want to accomplish and a reminder of where I want to be in life. I really enjoyed your lecture, it was like when your reading a book that you are engulfed in and you just don’t want to put it down or don’t want it to stop, that’s how I felt at the end of it.
Darren Koontz-University student

Dr. Luke’s presentation was very moving, and entertaining. I really do wish that we would have been able to experience the full version if this presentation. The amount of effort that has gone into the preparation of this is astounding, from the opening speakers to the "goody bag" that was put together for everyone, this was a class "A" presentation, from a professional, and it was a privilege to be a part of it.
Ryan Reskin-University student

The lesson from the special lecture has had an immediate impact on how I am living my life now.
 Ryan Gaston-University student

Thank you for the opportunity to hear part of your presentation. I was in a meeting at work yesterday & started drawing my YOMO without even realizing it!
Cathy Prado-University student   

I found the lecture very captivating and I learned a number of techniques for success in the short hour of her lecture. I thoroughly enjoyed your lecture Dr. Luke. I found it very captivating and I plan on sharing your lecture with my fiancée and his coworkers. They work in door to door sales and motivation is something that comes and goes for these guys. It is a very hard career to be successful in. I hope your lecture will teach these guys to picture their goals, create a Yomo, and make it happen.
Chelsea Scheets-University student

I had a great time attending a speech that was given by Dr. Melissa Luke. Skipping out on an hour of work was definitely worth the time and effort to attend that grand lecture.
Katie Fieguth-University student

The lecture given by Melissa Luke was very enlightening. I was truly inspired by her flow of energy and meaningful words. At first I thought the YOMO was kind of silly. I couldn’t see how creating a goofy picture of something I couldn’t grasp was going to help me in measuring my life and dreams. But after I really thought about it and created the heart behind the YOMO, I understood it. It works.
Tracey Mckenzie-University student

Dr. Luke, It was nice to hear from someone who has been through so much in their life. I honestly just thought all teachers get their degree and just lecture students on what to do in their life. But you have actually gone out and lived all that you teach.  It was nice to hear from someone who lives by what they preach. You truly believe in everything that you say, and that is a breath of fresh air. You teach because it makes you happy, you love what you do. You also aren’t just stuck to teaching; you are a well rounded person. I look up to what you have created in your life. It is nice to see you doing what you love, because you love it and not because of the money you can make.  It seems everyone I come across only is in it for making money. You have shown me that you can be successful and happy.
Chelayne Meyers-University student

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